Monday, January 19, 2015

A book to be proud of

Bartlett_BOUND_BY_SUGGESTION_audio-medMr. L has been teasing me for weeks, telling me that I pat myself on the back because I enjoy listening to my own stories as audiobooks.

In particular, I've been listening to the latest Jeff Resnick Mystery which is now available on audio, BOUND BY SUGGESTION.  I've had it since before Christmas and have listened to the complete story at least four times. I've listened to the last 5-6 chapters at least 8 or 9 times.


Because it turns out I wrote a pretty exciting book.
Not all audiobooks are good.  You have to find the right voice.  Example:  The narrator for the first audio edition of Murder on the Mind was ALL WRONG for Jeff, and even worse for Richard. (I never did make it past the first CD because I kept cringing.)

I found the right voice in an audio producer named Steven Barnett (who has also performed Cheated By Death). Steven makes the story leap out of the speakers! The voices of the characters are pretty much perfect, especially Jeff, Richard, and Brenda. (Yeah, he even does good women's voices!)
I am just so proud of the book, and especially this audio edition.  I hope my readers/listeners will be, too.

It's now available from:

Audible US  |  Audible UK  |  iTunes  |  Amazon

P.S.  Steven is already working on the next book in the series, Dark Waters, and will soon begin Evolution: Jeff Resnick's backstory.  I can't wait!