Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jeff Resnick seeks closure ...

Jeff Resnick needs one thing to help him move on with his life ...

It's a terrible thing to have to face death. That's what I've been doing for the past nine months since my mother was diagnosed with late-stage cancer. She lost her fight this past weekend, but she was feisty right to the end. Given six months, she snubbed her nose at the oncologist and lived an extra three months and three days. I told her, "You go, girl!"

I know from past experience how grief can take a toll, and maybe that's why I wrote Eyewitness during this terrible time of uncertainty. Jeff Resnick never really recovered from the loss of his wife, Shelley.  She left him. She stole from him. She did everything she could to ensure that he would hate her forever. And yet ...there's only one way Jeff can find closure.  He has to find the man who killed Shelley Resnick.

If you're a Jeff fan, I hope you'll give Eyewitness a chance.

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