Thursday, June 18, 2015

With Baited Breath is now an audiobook!

I'm so pleased to announce that With Baited Breath is now available as an audiobook.  It took about three months for me to find the right narrator, but Heather Masters did a wonderful job.  I'm particularly fond of the way she voiced Anissa and Kathy.  She nailed them perfectly.

Here's the description:

With-baited-breath200Tori Cannon and her grandfather return from her grandma’s funeral to find a body jammed in one of their derelict motel units. The victim had no enemies except for maybe the rich woman who wants to level his eyesore of a home, a resentful daughter, and friends who were anything but. Tori’s BFF, Kathy, arrives to help spruce up the place and they are soon mixed up in the deadly consequences that murder entails. Can they save the business and find a murderer or will they, too, sleep with the fishes?

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The book is also available as a trade paperback and all ebook formats.