Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Do you follow me on Bookbub?

By now I'm sure many of you know about Bookbub and other brook promotions websites and newsletters.  By far, Bookbub is the BEST of them and for good reason. They work very hard trying to figure out what their customers want, and how best to deliver it.

What you may not know is that you can follow your favorite authors via Bookbub.  Not only that -- but when they have a new book out, Boobkbub will jog your memory and send you an email telling you ABOUT said book.

As it happens, all my names are registered with Bookbub and I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE it if you would follow me. The thing is -- you can ALSO follow me on Amazon, who will do the same thing (send you a note when a new book comes out). It's a win-win situation for both authors and readers.

To make it easy for you to follow me, I've collected all the links. Please, pretty please, follow me on Bookbub and if you're a Kindle user, on Amazon!

Lorraine Bartlett:  Bookbub   ~~~   Amazon
L.L. Bartlett:  Bookbub   ~~~   Amazon
Lorna Barrett:  Bookbub   ~~~   Amazon

Now, back to writing my next book so that when it's finished Bookbub and Amazon will send you a note.

Do you rely on these book promo services to find out what's new?