Sunday, April 9, 2017

Coming Attractions: Gladiolas

Yesterday, Mr. L and I got our taxes done. Not fun. (Especially since we owe.) So, to cheer ourselves up, we went to the garden store.

Oh, it was WONDERFUL! The big greenhouse doors were open and you walked in and all the spring flowers were in bloom. It smelled heavenly.

On my list to get was gladiola bulbs. My mother always grew gladiolas and I came to love them as much as her. The lady at the store said, "We don't have many. Nobody wants them anymore." I felt so sad for the gladiolas that I bought three bags. She said to wait until Memorial Day to plant them, but with global warming, I don't think I need to wait that long. I can't wait to get really going in the garden.

I know a lot of you in warmer climates have your gardens up and going. Tell us what's blooming!