Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today's guest is Doranna Durgin, whose latest book is JAGUAR NIGHT.

I wasn't feeling particularly peevish on my way out to agility practice this morning--at least not until I ran into those speed bumps. And then I peeved all over the place!

What is it about people who can't be bothered to drive at a residential speed on a residential street, so the town has to put in *speed bumps* to keep them from mowing over small children? (And, in this area, people on horseback, chickens, and the occasional loose goat.)

Speed bump And what is it about the people who put in the speed bumps that they can't engineer them to suit the posted speed limit? If the street is signed at 25mph, and I'm going 23mph, then those speed bumps should be no problem. They should be smooth little "whee!" moments beneath my wheels. But no! The speed bumps are big Play-doh lumps plopped down onto the road, and if you don't want to hit your head on the car roof or ground out the undercarriage, you'd best be going 18mph or less when you hit them. So that leaves the choice--go the speed limit and hit the brakes hard before each bump for a herky-jerky stomach-churning ride, or cruise the entire stretch of road (and it isn't a short one) at seven miles under the speed limit. Either way gets you from start to finish in about the same amount of time.

Me, I cruise it slowly--a decision reached after plenty of experimenting, because I can't reach my house without traversing one of these bump-riddled roads. And as we approach each one, I warn the dogs--who, crated in the back, are otherwise quite unfairly taken completely by surprise. I think they're getting used to it.

But still. There's a sign at the beginning of my street that's been defaced so it quite coincidentally reads, "Speed Whump!" and I think they got it just about right.

And what's bugging YOU today?
C_jaguarnight_SM Doranna Durgin writes all kinds of books: Romance, Mystery, SF/Fantasy, and Media Tie-ins. Her current book is JAGUAR NIGHT. Check out Doranna's website. Doranna is also a periodic contributor to the Writers Plot blog!