Thursday, September 3, 2009


By Guest Blogger Lisa Bork, author of the Broken Vows Mysteries.

I’m from New York. Not the Big Apple. No! But that’s what everybody thinks of first when I say New York, and it annoys me when I have to clarify. I meant I’m from New York State.

Map of NY New York State covers over 54,000+ square miles and is home to almost twenty million people, the third most populated state in the country. It’s a state filled with parks and rivers and valleys and canals and mountains and lakes. In fact, most of the state is not urban; it’s rural with farms and forests and water.

This is not to say that I live in farm country. I live in a suburb of another city in the state. This is to say that my home state is not just about the City.

Now granted, over eight million people live in New York City. It is the largest (roughly 305 square miles) and the most populous city in the United States. And don’t get me wrong; I loved New York City as a character on Sex and the City.

But please don’t assume that everyone from New York lives in the Big Apple. Because the majority of us don’t. And even though New York City is a big tourist attraction—the city that never sleeps—the rest of the state has some equally fabulous tourist attractions, too. 

Niagara falls Niagara Falls is at the western tip between the U.S. and Canada, and the American side of the falls is beautiful. In the northeast, the Adirondack Mountains offer some pretty fabulous scenery, too. Adirondack Park is, in fact, the largest state park in the United States. To the north, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie border our state.

But my personal favorite tourist attraction in New York State is the Finger Lakes region, a roughly 9,000 square mile area with eleven different lakes that covers the western and central part of the state, each lake with its own unique personality and charm. That’s why I picked the region as the setting for my new mystery For Better, For Murder.

The Finger Lakes has a lot to offer: picturesque villages, museums, theaters, music, art and craft shows, festivals, fishing, water sports, ski resorts, hot air balloon rides, historic landmarks, award-winning wineries, boutique shopping, car and horse racing, and the fruits of farm country as well as gorgeous scenery during all four seasons of the year. Not only do I enjoy the area as a tourist, but it gives me lots of ideas for storylines and plots.

So next time someone tells you they’re from New York, don’t assume New York City. Instead, ask them, “Really? What part?” 

Because I love New York. And I’ve never even been to New York City.

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For Better, for murder Lisa Bork’s debut novel, For Better, For Murder, hits stores this week. It’s the first book in the Broken Vows mystery series from Midnight Ink. Lisa has a BA. in English and a M.B.A. in Marketing, and she worked in humans resources and marketing before becoming a stay-at-home mom and author. For more information, visit Lisa's Web site.

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