Saturday, November 21, 2009

Big Favor To Ask

Lipstick kiss Tomorrow, Sunday, Nov. 22nd, I'll be guest blogging on The Lipstick Chronicles. This is one of THE biggest mystery reader blogs on the Internet, and I was absolutely THRILLED to be invited.

The favor part? Please, please, PLEASE go over and check out my post. If enough of my readers check it out, there's a chance they'll invite me back when the next book comes out next August. (And as I'll be in deadline hell and not doing much/any face-to-face promotion, it would be a very big deal.)

Lipstick tube So, if you haven't already checked out The Lipstick Chronicles (go ahead, spend a couple of hours reading their older posts, you'll probably enjoy them as much as I do), please do so tomorrow.

(P.S. I'm writing about my one-star review on Amazon--hopefully it's an amusing take. And please feel free to leave comments!)