Monday, March 22, 2010

Bonnie's sick

Bonnieinlaptopcase My kitty isn't well.  She's got hyperthyroidism and according to the Thryro-Cat brochure, it's "a condition that abnormally accelerates the body's metabolism."  I'd say so, Bonnie lost two pounds pretty fast, and when you only weigh 11 pounds, that's a lot.

For the past couple of weeks she's been on medication and regained at least half a pound.  Luckily, I was able to give her the medication by swabbing the inside of her ear.  At first she didn't seem to mind, then she figured out--uh-oh, here it comes AGAIN!

We could have continued with this kind of medication for years, but what about when we need to take a trip?  We'd have to board her, which would be extremely stressful for her.  As it is, having blood tests every few weeks is extremely stressful for her.  Time to make a decision.

Syringe How about one injection that would cure her forever!  Of course, there are a few tiny drawbacks.  First, she'd be radioactive for about a month.  She'd be able to come home from the vet specialist in 7-10 days, but then we have to keep the litter box material out of the waste stream for at least another two weeks.  That's a lot of kitty litter.  (About 50 lbs of it.)  And the cost!  Let's just say I won't be getting that new kitchen floor any time soon.

Bonnie on my chair1 Yup, we've decided to go for it.  It will be a stressful week for all of us--but especially Bonnie, out little Gingerbread Girl.  But this procedure has a 95-98% cure rate.  I've heard from two friends whose cats have been through it and did well afterward.

My wallet is going to hurt for a while, but having Bonnie healthy again will be worth it.

Would you have made a different decision?