Friday, June 4, 2010

Tell me who you love! I know you're probably saying to yourself -- what's with all the contests lately? Well, my publisher sent me a BIG BOX of Advance Review Copies of Chapter & Hearse and I've got a big box filled with Haven't Got a Clue coffee mugs. Please! I need the space on my office floor.

But ... there are a lot of people out there who just want something free. (Hey, that could be a description of ME!!!)

But really, isn't it better if the books and mugs find LOVING homes?

So, what's this contest about?

Question mark2 Secondary Characters.

Ya gotta love 'em! And that's what I want to know. Which of the Booktown secondary characters do you love and why?

To enter the contest, tell me who you love and why. Be sure to include your snail mail address (it makes it easier for me to mail stuff to you) and send your entry to:

(P.S. You can love more than one! And if you win (there will be more than one winner--trust me) you can choose the book or the mug. Prizes for runners-up, too!)

Also, let me know if I can share your answers with my blog audience. I'll bet other readers would like to know what you think, too.