Thursday, June 10, 2010

Running Out Of Room

By Guest Blogger Maggie Sefton

I’ve just returned from a publisher book tour in the Midwest for the 8th in my Berkley Prime Crime Knitting Mysteries, SKEIN OF THE CRIME.  That means a LOT of flying.  Each day, it’s another flight to another city.  Most people complain that they don’t like flying.  Some hate it.  Not me.  I still enjoy it.  Maybe I’m simply still crazy after all these years (to quote singer-songwriter Paul Simon).  However ... there is one aspect to flying that bugs me.

Overhead luggage Carry-on luggage.  Years ago, people carried on briefcases, over-sized purses, or big shopping bags stuffed with purchases.  They were manageable, and they fit into the overhead compartments.  Now  ... yikes!  People are boarding with these roller suitcases almost as big as the one I check at the ticket counter.  Most of them do NOT fit easily into the overhead compartments.  So ... all of us who are standing in the aisles, waiting to find our seats, have to continue to stand and wait and wait ... while Traveler pounds, pushes, and wedges his over-sized carry-on into the compartment -- if he’s lucky.  Often, Traveler has the bag taken from him/her by the amazingly patient flight attendant for separate check-in.  All resulting in more waiting and delays.

The problem has gotten worse since the airlines are now charging $25 bucks a bag for each leg of your trip.  More people are trying to avoid those charges by shoving stuff into their carry-ons.  I’ve noticed that passengers on Southwest Airlines don’t carry as many big bags onto the planes.  That’s because the airline doesn’t charge fees for the first two bags.  I’ve heard their bookings have increased because of that.  No surprise.

What’s your biggest peeve about flying?
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