Sunday, August 15, 2010

And it's not even Tuesday*

Guest star Today I'm guest blogging over at the Mystery Lover's Kitchen blog -- talking about (of all things) chemistry.  Me, a scientist?  Hardly.  But then neither is my lead character from the Booktown Mysteries, Tricia.  Come on over and see what Tricia has been up to.

Tomorrow, I'll be on my usual 16th of the month post on the Killer Characters Blog.  well, not me, actually.  Killer Characters is about the characters in 25 different mystery authors books.  Mr. Everett will be visiting tomorrow.

Oh, and I'll probably be here, too.  Well, it is my home blog!

*Some of you may remember that Tuesdays were GUEST STAR DAY on the old (B&W) Mickey Mouse Club.  I'm not old enough to remember--thank goodness--but they reran the show on our local station when I was a teenager.  Oh, loved that Spin & Marty.