Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sick Dog Needs Help

Yesterday I downloaded my first book via Smashwords.  It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  Download, drop, drag.  Into my Kindle it went.  And it happened to be The Heart of Dog, an anthology of dog stories put together by my friend and fellow author Doranna Durgin.

Antho.beaglam.69.2.SM She's got a sick pup whose medical expenses far exceed Doranna's writerly income.  (It's tough enough for authors to scrape up the cash for their own health insurance, let alone pets.  You can read about him here.)  So Doranna asked a few friends to donate stories, and all the money earned from the anthology will go to ConneryBeagle's care -- and (if more money comes in than needed for him) for the care of other sick dogs.

So if you love dogs (or cats or fish or even porcupines) and you've got an e reader, I hope you'll consider buying The Heart of Dog. You can get it here. (for all formats)  It's also available on Nook. (Kindle comes next!)

Heart of dog

Read and ebook week

And by the way, it's READ AN E BOOK week at Smashwords and I'm participating.  All three of my Jeff Resnick books are 25% off (or $2.24).  You can find them here:

Lots of my Backlist eBook pals are participating in the sale (including Doranna).  She wrote a blog post about it and you can find more authors and more discounted books in the comments section.  Click here.