Friday, June 3, 2011

A funny cookbook?

I may not be the best cook in the world, but I am an absolute SUCKER for cookbooks.  Especially cookbooks with gorgeous photography.

But the last cookbook I bought didn't have a single picture.  In fact, it doesn't even have paper pages--it's a cookbook that's only available as an E book for my Kindle.

It's Deb Baker's COOKING CAN BE MURDER, which is a Gertie Johnson Backwoods story.

Have you ever read Deb's Gertie Johnson stories?  Well, they're funny and I think you'd enjoy them.  (Hey, I did!)  They are:  Murder Passes The Buck, Murder Grins and Bears It, and Murder Talks Turkey.  They're all available as E books and the first two (and I'm sure the 3rd will soon be) available as trade paperbacks. (They all have wonderful new covers, too!)

Gertie cookbook nook COOKING CAN BE MURDER is written from Gertie's point of view, and Gertie has a lot to say--about food, cooking, and life in the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan).  I found it delightful.

So, if you've got an e-reader, and if you like simple, easy recipes (I'm going to try a few of them), get yourself a copy of Cooking Can Be Murder -- and be prepared laugh.

It's available for Kindle ~ Nook ~ Sony E Reader ~ Diesel - Smashwords

P.S.  Deb is a friend of mine, but she had no idea I bought the book or that I would talk about it on the blog.