Thursday, September 13, 2012

My love-hate relationship with my computer

Heart my computerOver the weekend, I got a new computer.  I've been stalling for over a year, despite the fact my old computer ate my mailing list FOUR TIMES.  I lost updates to books in progress.  It froze all the time.  It was very slow.  Still, I dragged my feet.  It wasn't just the investment, it was ... the dreaded learning curve.

I worked production in a machine shop for 18 months.  While there, I learned to swear like a sailor.  (When you work with a group of really rough guys, you'd better grow a thick skin PDQ.)  I think I repeated everything I learned there during the past few days of adjustment to my new computer.

The good?  A 27-inch screen.  Can you say, "SAAAAWEEEEEEETTTT?"  It's wonderful.  I pumped up the font size and don't have to wear glasses when I work anymore.  And I can have my spreadsheets open while looking at websites.  I found a lovely wallpaper of an alien planet with planets and stars filling the sky.  The screen saver puts on a show with my own pictures, and I've found myself sitting there watching the slide show.

It bytesThe bad?  New software.  I loathe when software engineers have to change everything around JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN.  Luckily, I have someone I can email and yell, "HELP!"  (I love you, Dru Ann!)  Even just making a new file folder has become a strange and alien practice.  There's all kinds of new software on this thing and I have no idea what it does or why it's there.  I have strange new icons.  What are they for?  I used to line up my windows on my bottom tool bar thingy in a certain order.  Well, forget that.  They're in whatever order some engineer wanted them (and look suspiciously like the set up on my iMac).

It's going to take me weeks before I figure this all out.

And did I mention I got a new laptop, too?  I can't wait to try that out this weekend. 

How about you?  Did you have a long learning curve the last time you got a new computer?