Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Make a Beeline to Trouble!

Yay!  Today my pal Hannah Reed (aka Deb Baker) has a new book out. 

Beline to troubleIt’s a real buzz-kill when beekeeper Story Fischer gets a visit from her frantic sister. Now she has to help host a combative trio of professional food flavorists. Good thing the well-stocked shelves of Story’s grocery store, the Wild Clover, can provide the morning meal.

During a pre-lunch tour of Story’s hives, however, one of the guests is found dead. Just what Story needs only days after hunky boyfriend, Hunter Wallace, finally decided to move in. As if a dead body isn’t enough to put a damper on romance, Story becomes a prime suspect when the carrot juice she brought with the breakfast fixings is found to contain poison. Now it’s up to Story to comb through the evidence and find the real perpetrator before she ends up getting stung herself...

You can get it from:

Amazon ~Kindle

Barnes & Noble ~ Nook

Book Depository ~ Chapters