Friday, May 31, 2013

Murder is Binding - $2.99 on Nook today only!

I've been an "indie" author since 2009 when I got the rights back to my first novel MURDER ON THE MIND and published it on Amazon for Kindle.  Later, other distributors arrived (Smashwords, Nook, iTunes, Sony, etc.) and as e readers became more prevalent, indie authors had a new way to market their books.  They tried different pricing levels and found a sweet spot that worked for them.

For me, putting Murder on the Mind free (and it's still is for all e formats) finally helped the series find its audience.  I tried to convince my editor that doing the same thing would help my Booktown series.

You could hear the crickets in the background.

But that was more than a year ago.  FINALLY New York publishers are experimenting.  Just not going crazy and offering something free -- for even a day.

But for JUST TODAY, and ONLY for NOOK, Penguin has lowered the price of Murder is Binding to $2.99 down from (the outrageous price of) $7.99 for the ebook.

What can this do?  It might help the series find a whole new audience.

If you haven't already read MURDER IS BINDING this $2.99 Nook sweet spot might help you decide if you'd like to try to other books in the series.

But the price is ONLY good for today.

I hope you'll give Tricia, Angelica, Miss Marple, Ginny, Mr. Everett and all the rest of Stoneham, NH a try.  (You might like it!)
Amazon has price-matched the $2.99 price -- so if you have a Kindle, you can download the story for the same $2.99.  Woot!  Click here for details.