Friday, November 22, 2019

I'm not waiting

Last week, we had a BIG snowstorm. The official amount at the airport was 8 inches. I live closer to Lake Ontario, and I'm sure we got at least a foot of snow. (I know because I was out there with the snowblower cleaning up after Plow Man.)

We don't usually get this much snow until January. We're taking a 4 foot-high pile of snow at the top of our driveway--which I fear won't melt until spring. We might get warmer temps next week, but they will be in the 40s. You can't melt that much snow in just a few days. I have no idea where Plow Man is going to put the snow for the rest of season. You see, we have an L-shaped driveway, and if there's nowhere else to put the snow, Mr. L will never get his car out of the garage for the rest of the winter.

Oh, and did I mention that I absolutely LOATHE winter?

So, outside all my windows is what's known as a winter wonderland. That makes me want to nestle in and think about celebrating the holidays. Only ... Thanksgiving is a full week later than usual this year. I usually put up my tree the week AFTER Thanksgiving, but that means it would be December 7th instead of like the 24th or so of November.

Excuse me, but I don't want to wait that long to put up my Christmas tree. And I've got a craft sale on Black Friday (Nov. 29th) this year, so I can't even put the tree up on that day. And we spend our weekends in our downstairs pub on what's a holiday-loving person supposed to do?

Mr. L isn't thrilled, but we agreed that we would put the tree up BEFORE Thanksgiving. This is a first. In our 28 years of marriage, this is the very first time we're putting the tree up BEFORE Thanksgiving. He'd not thrilled.  Me? YAY!!!!!

Will we get sick of the decorations? Probably not, because we spend our days in our offices. The Christmas stuff is upstairs, and on weekends, we'll be downstairs in our pub. (We do have a 2-food tree, but it's only got lights, not ornaments.)

How are you going to cope with the shortened Christmas season?

Happy Black Friday!

Of course, if you're in the Rochester area, I'm doing a book signing today.  You can find me at ...

Messiah Lutheran Church
4301 Mt. Read Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14616
(Corner of Mt. Read & English Road)

10 am to 4 pm

P.S. Can't make it?  I'll be signing at Greece Olympia High School on December 14. More info later.