Friday, July 16, 2010

And, Voila! A New Web Site!

A long, long time ago, I hired a web site designer to come up with a charming little web site for me.  That was before I became published.  It didn't have much of a focus because there I was a writer who wasn't published--at least not in novel length.  So I pushed real hard to let people know that I had some street cred.  A whole bunch of short story sales.  The only problem was, most of the stories were sold to a confession magazine (True Love).  Not only that, they don't have "by lines," so no one knew it was me who actually wrote them.

Fast forward several years.  I sold my first novel.  Only it wasn't under my name, it was under the L.L. Bartlett moniker.  Okay, that meant I needed another web site, because I was just sure the book would do well and people would be hungering to search me out.

Nope.  Didn't happen (on either account).

Then in 2006, I got a contract to write the Booktown Mystery series ... the only problem was, it was under a pseudonym:  Lorna Barrett.  The first book came out in 2008 and Lorna needed her own web site.  So now I was juggling THREE of them.


But finally, FINALLY in 2009 I sold the Victoria Square Mystery series to Berkley Prime Crime and at last the first book (A Crafty Killing)  would be published under my OWN Name:  Lorraine Bartlett.  One snag?  The first book wouldn't come out until 2011.  *Yawn*  That's a long time to wait.  And the worst part -- Lorna has a LOT of readers because I've worked very hard to get Lorna's name out there, and had a lot of luck and support from Barnes & Noble and independent booksellers. Peacock But how am I going to get the word out that Lorna and Lorraine are the same person?

Well, revamping the old Lorraine web site wouldn't hurt, and with the enormous help of Glass Slipper Web Design, I've done just that, and I'm as proud as a peacock to show it off, too. is now live.  There are a lot of pages to explore.  I'd love to know what you all think about it?

(P.S. Remember I told you about the picture of the candy jar--well there it is in the banner.  W00t!)