Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fred: Sleepless in the Summer

Fred My cat Fred has kitty OCD.  Usually he has his "funny five minutes" around 5 p.m.  But for the last two nights, he's been having a "funny FIVE HOURS."

Fred is very vocal.  He loves to talk.  It's cute at 3 p.m.  It's not so cute at 3 a.m.  He squeeks, squawks, brrrupts, and makes every other noise in between.  Our other cats say one or two things.  Not Fred.  Our other cats speak when it's important, like "feed me," or "turn on the bathroom faucet so I can have a drink," or "how about another bag of kitty cookies."  Not Fred.  He talks about everything -- ALL NIGHT LONG.

He likes to chase the other cats, too.  They, however, do NOT like to be chased.  He likes to look at the girl cats because he know it unnerves them. (He learned that from Chester.)

So, after being kept awake for three FULL HOURS -- and jarred from a light doze for another two hours -- Fred is finally tired and is thinking about a nap.  Meanwhile, I'M CRABBY, and I'm likely to be CRABBY ALL DAY. 

Oh, pardon me--must end this post.  Fred has just upchucked his entire breakfast ON THE RUG and we have run out of paper towels.

Good thing I love that cat.

Have you got a bad boy (or girl) in your house, too?