Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sitting all alone at my book launch

It was just a teeny little mistake.  And in fact it wasn't even a MISTAKE or a typo it was the lack of a space.

See, the other day I emailed my postcards announcing my book launch for Chapter & Hearse.  Because of space limitations on the sticker I placed on the postcards, I typed the following:


Do you anything wrong with that?  I sure didn't.  To me it said AUGUST 5, 7 PM

But one of my readers wrote to me and said, 5-7 p.m. But WHEN????

Sitting alone I have a feeling I'll be sitting all alone at my book launch next week.

Do you think I'm doomed or would you have read it as August 5th, too?

And just for a laugh (because i could sure use one about now), go watch this video by Parnell Hall about his experiences at signings where no one shows up.