Friday, September 17, 2010

I haven't heard a word in months....

Mute-swan Like a mute swan, my PC has been deathly quiet for a couple of months now.  One day I heard AOL tell me "You've got mail," and the next I didn't.

You can't watch videos without the sound.  They lose a LOT.

 You can't hear when new mail comes in so it will distract you from whatever work you're trying to get accomplished.

You can't hear what Whoopi had to say on the view yesterday.

It's boring.

Well, I'm hoping that'll change on Monday.  Mr. Lorna bought a new computer yesterday, only he's afraid to touch it.  So, he's called Mr. Computer Repair Geek.  This guy knows his stuff.  He's kept my e machine alive and well for the past five years, and I love this computer so much, I want him to keep it alive a bit (okay YEARS) longer.  (As I've mentioned before, I do not love my laptop (which is on the short list for replacement), and I do not love my iMac keyboard (any woman who doesn't bite her nails to the quick has GOT to hate it.  And they don't offer different styles.  Just the one).
You've got mail
I'm SOOOOOO hoping I can get my sound back.  I miss it.

I want to hear that guy say "You've got mail" every morning.  Wouldn't you?