Monday, October 4, 2010

And all the apple crisp was gone . . .

Harvest_festival1 Saturday, Mr. Lorna and I went to the Sodus Harvest Festival.  It was held at the local high school's soccer fields, or rather, on the little dirt road that surrounded the fields.  There were quite a few booths, but oddly enough -- not a lot of produce.  That's rather strange because Sodus is in the heart of farm country.  Of course, the biggest crop in the country is apples.

The apple harvest is well on the way.  Every week we see more and more trees stripped of their bright, juicy fruit.  They look like they're decorating the trees.  They come in a variety of shades, from bright red, to yellow, to green.  It's very pretty.  It's even prettier in the spring when the trees are all in bloom.

Sadly, all the apple pies and apple crisp was already gone.  Gone!  And it was barely lunch time!  (So I bought some apples and it's on the menu for tonight.)

We were forced (at knife point) to buy kettle corn, and since it was already 12:15, we decided to have lunch.  Our first choice was pulled pork sandwiches, but then we spied a little stand selling Mexican food.  Weeee!  I've had a hankering for REAL Mexican food, and this stand sold the real thing.  Of course, although it was just barely lunchtime, they were totally sold out of most everything.  (I really wanted a burrito.)  But we settled for a taco each.

Cilantro Settled?  My goodness, that was the best Taco I ever ate in my life, and it bore absolutely no resemblance to what you buy at any fast-food Mexican restaurant.  Mr. L had beef and I had chicken.  We both had hot sauce, onion and cilantro (not a refried bean or any rice in sight), and there weren't just a couple of flakes of cilantro, the woman liberally loaded it onto each taco.  That might be a put off to some people, but we LOVE IT!

But the thing that drew our attention was the pumpkin contest.  About ten of them had been put on a flat bed trailer awaiting the weigh-in.  One of the farmers told us the biggest one was his, and would Mr. L take his photo with it?  Sure.  So he handed over the camera and Mr. L made like a pro.

Giant_pumpkins These were small for giant pumpkins, but they were still in the 200-300 pound category.  But--UGLY!  Giant pumpkins always seem to grow on their sides and look quite unlovely.  One of them looked like a giant squash (well, technically it is) -- and not at all pumpkin like.

We didn't stick around for the weigh-in, since we already knew which one would be the winner.  And although we didn't hang around the fest too long (there was a cold wind coming in from the north), a good time was had by all.

So what did you do this weekend?