Monday, October 18, 2010

See, I didn't miss out on the fun after all!

I mail out a lot of bookmarks and bookplates.  Not just for myself, either.  I'm the official bookmark-mailer-outer for the Cozy Chicks as well.

Boring One day, while getting the envelopes ready to mail, I decided they looked, well . . . BORING!  A sea of white with a couple of black-and-white "stickers."  (Actually, they're return address lables.  One has my return address on it and the other has either my sticker with my latest book and web site, or the Chicks sticker with the blog URL.)


Pansy love stamp Okay, the stamps can dress it up.  Currently I'm using Shelter Pets for the Chicks, and pansy LOVE stamps for my own.  (Hey, I love pansies!  I don't care if these were SUPPOSED to go out on wedding invitations.  I already got married--I'm not supposed to use them?)

So, I hit the craft stores.  Whoa!  Lots of gorgeous stickers.  Most of them seem to be intended for scrapbooking and WOW--the prices!  (Maybe I should've gone in the scrapbook business instead of writing for a living.)  Still, there's lots of cute stickers out there--sadly, most of them are not appropriate for the Chicks for my own stuff.  Do you think I can find a book sticker?
Currently, I'm using bumble bees for the chicks.  Hannah Reed's (also know as Deb Baker) latest book is Buzz Off, and a woman who owns a local natural food store and keeps bees as a sideline.  They're perfect to give Hannah's book a little extra "push."  (I'm on my second set of bee stickers.  These ones sparkle!)

Star happy face Over the summer, I used Popcicle stickers, butterfly stickers, and stars.  (I'm "publishing" my backlist on Kindle as Polaris Press -- and Polaris is the North Star.)
Sticker fun came after I was already grown up, but I'm getting to indulge in it after all.
I love it!

What kind of child-like fun are you experiencing these days?