Friday, November 26, 2010

I can taste that turkey salad now . . .

CarvedTurkey In Booktown #5 (Sentenced to Death--which will be out on June 7th), it may be summer, but Angelica is working on a holiday cookbook.  So when Tricia visits she's surprised to find an entire turkey sitting in Angelica's refrigerator, and Angelica busy making recipes with the leftovers.

At the time I wrote the book, I was more engrossed with the story than thinking about what Angelica should be making.  Of course, now that it's copy edit time, and also the day after Thanksgiving, I'm looking at the remains of a 13 pound turkey and wishing I had been a bit more inventive over the summer when I was writing the book.

Turkey-salad-sandwich Of course, I already know three things I'm going to be making with the leftovers.  First up, turkey salad sandwiches.  Oh, yum!  I love turkey salad.  I love chicken salad, but for some reason turkey salad is even better.  Chopped onions and celery, turkey and mayo on a lovely Vienna roll.  Yum!

This evening, we'll be having turkey pot pie.  If I say so myself, I'm getting quite good at chicken pot pie and I really have no recipe.  I just toss stuff in gravy with the chicken and not only is it edible, but it actually tastes good.  (Hey, Mikey!)

Turkey soup Of course, by the end of the weekend, the turkey carcass will be in the big soup pot and I'll make enough turkey veggie soup to feed an army.  Of course, it will only feed me (and boy am I glad I bought so many small containers at yard sales this year) because Mr. L does not like my soup.  (Although he likes to order soup out at restaurants where the sodium content is off the charts.  Go figure!  And why can't restaurants let YOU salt your own food at the table instead of putting far too much in when they make it?)

What are you making with your Thanksgiving leftovers?