Friday, November 19, 2010

If I could just master that one task . . .

Excel icon I love spreadsheets.  Well, Excel spreadsheets.  (Don't talk to me about that THING Smashwords presents us with that LOOKS like a spreadsheet but is simply incomprehensible and has no mathematical processes.)

Years ago, I took a two-day course in Excel.  Because I had never seen it or used it, it was as understandable as trying to speak Chinese without ever hearing it.  (Doesn't that just boggle the mind.)  I came away from the course feeling frustrated and like a failure.

But I still needed to be able to use the program.  The only thing I learned was how to write a formula to add and subtract, and that actually came in pretty handy.

Spreadsheet I used spreadsheets quite a bit when I was at my last day job, but I rarely had to set them up.  Since I've been an author, I find I simply can't live without several spreadsheets going at any given moment.  From the time I get up in the morning until the time I shut down the computer at the end of the day, there's a t least one spreadsheet (and often three) going.  It's the second program I open every day.  (The first one is AOL.)

But, darnit, I still don't know how to properly use the thing.  I only learned how to multiply back in September.  (Really handy.)  And I would DEARLY love to learn how to control that darn old freeze panes.  (I can never get the thing to freeze where I want it to.)

I love my Excel.  Will someone tell me how to freeze panes so I can love it even more?