Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And you thought being an author was all glamour

Writing is hard I've been in procrastination mode lately, and I was falling behind on the new book.  So, early to bed, early to rise, early to the page . . .

The writing day did not start out well.  in fact, by the time I'd been at it an hour, I had about 100 words.  Oh dear.  Then came lunch--my favorite meal of the day.  Finished reading the paper while I chowed down on curried black beans and rice and then showed up at the lap top once more.

And played about ten games of Solitaire.  And felt guilty because I wasn't working.

Then I lost my Internet signal.  For about half an hour.  PANIC!  PANIC!  I must know what's going on in my tiny world.  I must not miss one email.  I must be able to access Facebook at all moments of the day!!!

After messing around with the router, I got it back again.  Whew.  Dodged a bullet.

Back to work.  This time, I exited the Solitaire game.  For good. (Well, for the day.)

Wrote a sentence.  Checked my email.  Wrote a sentence.  Checked facebook.  Wrote a sentence, did a piece of research.  Wrote a sentence.  Ripped some hair from my head.

The problem is/was -- I had no fresh ideas.  I had to get Tricia and Angelica from one scene to the next. Scenes A and C were written.  I just had to connect them.

So I tossed in something unexpected.  Whoa!  That worked like a charm.

Monkey typewriter Bottom line:  the first 750 words of the day took five hours to write.  The next 1100 words took half an hour to write.

Why can't I have more half hours like that one?