Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Incoming Treasure . . .

Every day I listen for the sound that always sends a thrill through me:  the sound of the mail truck.

Sometimes there's wonderful treasure in the mail.  Most of the time, however, Mr. L. walks right in with it and stops at the recycle bin, and then there's NOTHING to delight in.

For the past couple of weeks all kinds of wonderful stuff has been arriving in the mail and via UPS.  Here's a partial inventory:

Leanncatbutton.SM 144 shot glasses
1,025 "buttons" (advertising books--not all of them mine)
2,500 postcards
50 cookie cutters
candy (I did not count the actual pieces)

And then there's the usual treasure trove of catalogs and magazines.

Cc_author_swag_close_up But the author swag above is mostly Cozy Chicks stuff.  I volunteered (and I must have been out of my everloving mind) to do the goody bags for the upcoming Malice Domestic conference and the Librarian Tea in Oakmont, PA (prelude to the wonderful Festival of Mystery put on by the Mystery Lovers Bookshop, this year on May 2nd).

There are so many boxes on my guest bed that it has disappeared.  How am I going to get all of this stuff in the back of my minivan and still have room for my luggage?  (And I don't travel light.)

Well, I find out -- just about a month from today, in fact.

BTW, the Cozy Chicks are planning on giving away author swag AFTER The conference to a lucky few people.  They'll be announcing it after the conference.  (The first week in May.)  It'll look something like the above photo. But we've got new, improved (much prettier) bookmarks this time out.)

So, guess what I'll be doing in the next couple of weeks?