Thursday, March 24, 2011

Inconsiderate Drivers

Last week we had a couple of days of spring--before spring officially arrived.  Temperatures in the 60s gave people the idea that it was time to break out the sunglasses, shorts, sandals, and sun screen.

Not quite.

Car_Accident with snow Yesterday we had a 12-hour snowstorm.  There were lots of accidents on the roads because of it, one involving a school bus full of handicapped children.

Why all the accidents?  Because people suddenly forgot how to drive in winter.

Actually, they didn't forget.  They were in such a hurry they decided that while everyone else around them was driving carefully, they didn't have to and could go the speed limit (or above).  They could continue to talk (or WORSE YET TEXT) on their cell phones.  They could put on make-up, eat that burger, or just plain not pay attention to the road conditions.

Ambulance-in-the-snow Consequently, it tied up a lot of police officers, firemen, EMTs, and ambulance drivers, as well as delaying traffic, causing health care and insurance rates to rise.

I did have to go out in that mess, but I was home before the worst of the snow hit. I also saw the aftermath of an accident that put the fear of Mother Nature in me.  I stayed home for the rest of the day.

What is wrong with people that they think THEY don't have to use common sense when the weather turns nasty?

And what's bugging you today?