Monday, March 7, 2011

Still Juggling Projects

IStock_000006370127XSmall I spent the weekend in Jeff land.  (When I'm writing a Booktown Mystery I'm in Tricia land, and for Victoria Square, in Katie land.)

There was a lot of cussing in Jeff land.  Now I know why so many people refer to Word as WORD (spit!).  I had problem with the old find and replace.  Sometimes it jumps the gun or changes the curser from replace to find, and if I hit the REPLACE ALL I can be in real do-do in nothing flat.

I was in real do-do about five times over the weekend.  Grrrr.  Word (spit!).  (It's ennough to drive one to drink.)

I finished my rewrite on Bound by Suggestion and now it's time to finish going over the copy for the Trade Paperback edition of Dead In Red.

DEAD_IN_RED-Kindle-sm I was going to hold back and NOT offer Dead In Red as a paperback because I have three cases of the book in hard copy (which I'm selling on my website for less than Amazon or Barnes and Noble will sell), but I can't seem to get the message out there.  So I guess I'll just hope that there are collectors out there who will eventually find that I have first edition copies and will want them. (I couldn't bear to think of the publisher pulping (destroying) them so I bought them all up.)

I should be done with that today, and then I just have to wait for the cover.  Unfortunately my cover designer is so popular, I'm on a waiting list.  (Maybe I should stop telling people about her--but she's sooooooo good and I'm sooooo happy with my covers . . .)

I also spent a lot of the weekend thinking about future projects.  I have yet another Jeff Resnick book sitting on the shelf, but I stole elements of it and used them in Dead In Red.  Now to figure out NEW elements.  I have four days to play with everything before I have to get moving on the next Victoria Square Mystery.
I feel very lucky to have so many projects on my plate, but it's hard to pick and choose what to work on.

And speaking of the Jeff Resnick Mysteries, as part of SMASHWORDS Read An EBook Week, I'm offering all three of the books at a 25% discount.  (Such a deal!  A mere $2.24 each!)  You can find the sale here.  The coupon code is RAE25.

The crime scene REMINDER:  Today I'm guest hosting THE CRIME SCENE Facebook page from 11 a.m. until noon Eastern (US) Time.  I hope you'll come on over to visit me and ask questions.  Or come to see me fall on my butt if nobody else shows up to ask questions.  We can talk about cooking, gardening or JUNKING!!!

Hope to see you there!