Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I know it's autumn because . . .

Okay, to be technical--fall doesn't arrive until Friday, but it officially arrives for me today.  Why?
Baggie The pool gets closed.

Why does that make me sad when I haven't gone swimming in the thing for at least five years?  Because the pool uncovered is a beautiful thing.  Especially this year because we paid to have it cleaned every other week.  It sparkles.  But when it's closed, it's ugly.  It's a blunt reminder that SUMMER IS OVER and we're going TO FREEZE FOR MONTHS ON END.

I hate pool closing.

But . . . the seasons must change.  It's time to think about other things.  We'll soon be going down to our basement pub in the evenings.  It's got the world's most comfortable couch, a bar, tons of books and magazines to read, music, TV--it's like a 2nd living room.  (Okay, we already have three other living rooms, but it's my favorite one.)

What event marks the end of summer for you?
BTW, RECIPES TO DIE FOR: A Victoria Square Cookbook is now available for Nook.  Will have an update on the print version in the next couple of days.