Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another Word For Slob

We joke around that our cats are so messy that they're not cats, they're pigs.  (Oddly enough, the cats don't laugh at this.)

Dirty pigBut the other day I saw a real life pig, and it didn't have four legs.

I was sitting at a stoplight and a bus pulled up at a stop.  Three teenagers got off.  They were in the 13-15 year old range, two boys, one girl.  The girl reached into her pockets, pulled out a bunch of candy wrappers, and threw them on the ground.  Then she and her friends crossed (I should say ambled across) the street AGAINST THE LIGHT, causing those of us who had already waited an entire cycle to wait for them.

Were these kids brought up in a barn?  Didn't anyone ever teach them that littering IS A CRIME.  That crossing against the light CAN GET YOU KILLED?

LitterbugBut it was the littering that really made me angry.

There's one stretch of highway (Route 104) that looks like part of a third world coutnry because so many people toss their trash out their car windows.

Sometimes I'm really ashamed of my home town and especially some of the people who live here.