Monday, November 7, 2011

Tricia Decks Those Halls . . .

Christmas musicI'm now hard at work on the next Booktown Mystery (and making good progress, I might add).  If you read my Cozy Chicks blog post on Saturday, you know I've been creeping into Christmas by playing holiday music. What's this got to do with Booktown #7?  (Gonna have to run a contest pretty soon to get a real title.  But more on that later.)

Back in May, I had lunch with my editor who asked me why I didn't write about winter in Stoneham.  The answer is simple, because I don't live in Southern New Hampshire and I don't KNOW what winter in New Hampshire is like.  He thought I could probably fake it.

Well, I'm not writing about winter, but I am currently writing about November in New Hampshire.  And what do retailers do in November?  They ramp up for Christmas holiday shopping.  Even in little stores like Haven't Got a Clue.

So what is Tricia doing in this story?  Decorating with the help of her staff . . . and hopefully it'll be funny.

What's fun for me about this is she's decorating her store with some of my own decorations.  Think of her front window with a few of these little cuties.

Vintage ornaments in a store that sells vintage mysteries. But that's not the only kind of vintage decorations going up at Haven't Got a Clue.  And she's being aided by a woman who would willingly wear this kind of Christmas apparel.

Christmas hat
Oh yes, I'm having fun with this one.

What's the first thing you put up in the way of holiday decorations?