Saturday, December 24, 2011

And a Joyous Leon to you, too!

Not too many years ago, it was (country) chick (oops chic) to spell things out with children's building blocks.  And what better season thant at Christmastime.  Always a slave to trends, I was suckered in.

But for some reason, the blocks have always ended up like this.

Even our (late) cat Bon-Bon would get into the act playing with blocks.  (We miss her so.)

Hey, look what my dear friend Leann Sweeney sent me for Christmas.  Aren't they beautiful?  (Fred already tried to eat them.)

Leann's xmas flowers

We're having impossible sausage-onions-green-pepper-mushrooms pie for supper tonight.  (After we hoist a glass and eat our roasted (in the oven not over an open fire) chestnuts.)

What are you doing for Christmas Eve?