Monday, December 26, 2011

And because I NEED to consume more calories . . .

I love chocolate covered pretzels.  The only problem is ... if you buy them, you HAVE TO EAT THE WHOLE BAG.  Now, I'm trying to lose weight -- not so easy to do during the holidays.  So ... I decided to make just a few.

I already had a jar of mini pretzel rods.  I found a little liqueur glass in the cupboard (now, where did it and its brothers come from?) which was just the right size for dipping.

Liqeur glass
 Next, I filled it with chocolate chips and melted them in the microwave.  (About 45 seconds.)

Chips & glass

Next, I dipped the pretzels in the glass and rolled them in non-pareils.

Dipped sticks

A bit messy. I ended up getting out my frosting knife and smearing the pretzels with chocolate and then sprinkling them with the non-pareeils.  But in the end, they looked just fine.

Finished product

They were YUMMY -- and not too many to ruin the old diet (especially since I shared them).

An easy-to-make holiday treat.

Have you ever made them?  (Would you?)


  1. H'mm ... sounds great & no need to make a tremendous batch. Brilliant!! Thanks for a super idea. You betcha I'll try them out!

    Hope you and Mr. L and the kitties and your whole family enjoyed the holiday! (With controlled treats like this, I'm sure you did!) Hugs.

    (Oh, now I have to fill my new Nook color tablet with your books! Whee!)

  2. I haven't made these before but my kids love chocolate covered pretzels so I think I might give them a try. I have some white chocolate leftover from holiday baking so definitely worth trying.

    Thanks for the great recipe!