Monday, January 2, 2012

Doesn't everybody love having a backed-up sink?

KitchenAidWe have been without a disposal in our sink since mid-December.  Mind you, we weren't using it before then because it wouldn't turn off.  It would run and run and you'd have to hit the thing with the big orange flashlight that lives under the sink.

The thing is ... when you're used to a disposal you tend to let stuff go down the sink.  Mind you, I hardly ever use the thing.  I chop up kitchen waste for my (not very efficient) composter.  (We're on year two and still have no appreciable compost.  Don't ask me where the stuff goes.)  Anyway, Mr. L uses it and mostly uneaten cat food goes down it.

Well, one day the water wouldn't go down and the cleaning ladies were on their way. Nothing to do but start the thing up.  And boy did that water go down fast.  I got out the flashlight and whacked the disposal to make it stop.


It ran and ran and no matter how many times (or how hard) I hit it, it ran and ran.  The reset button was useless.  Nothing to do but let it burn itself out -- which it did after about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, Mr. Orange Tupperware Strainer has been living in our sink.  We strain off everythig so it doesn't go down the big hole that is Mr. Kitchenaid Disposal.

Mr. L had to order a new Mr. Kitchenaid Disposal. And darnitall--wouldn't you know the warranty had run out a few months before it died?  (It was 7 years old ... or was it 8?)

Anyway, today new Mr. Kitchenaid Disposal will be installed.  YAY!  Let the food waste go bye-bye!

What kitchen appliance have you waited far too long to be installed?