Monday, December 30, 2013

Sweet memories on Quality Street

Currend Q Street jarOne of the great things I love about the holidays is ... Quality Street.

When I was a kid, you only got some of these wonderful chocolates if you went to England or Canada. (We had relatives in England, and we went to Canada!)

When Mr. L and I first started dating, he visited friends in Canada and asked what he could get his first generation American sweetheart.  They said, "Quality Street."  Boy, did he win points.

So, is it any wonder that I collect Quality Street tins?

These are the four oldest tins in my collection. (I have nine.)

Vintage quality street tins-sm

Nowadays, you can get Quality Street in the US.  They're now made by Nestles (and I'm sure many people will say they aren't half as good as they used to be), but I still love them because they evoke such sweet memories.

My brother gave me a jar of them for Christmas and I decided to see just how much one of the old tins can hold.  Not much, it turns out.  (About a third of the jar.)

Tin w candy-sm
Aren't they gorgeous?

Did you get candy for Christmas?