Thursday, February 13, 2014

Paying it forward ... with chocolate!

Today is usually Pet Peeve Thursday where I (or a friend) is given free reign to kvetch.
Not today, because yesterday Mr. L and I were the recipients of a lovely gesture.

We'd gone to the grocery store to stock up on life-sustaining supplies (you know, the usual: cornmeal, gunpowder, ham hocks, and guitar strings).

As the woman in front of us finished her transaction, she turned to Mr. L and handed him a heart-shaped box of Valentine chocolates and said, "Have a happy Valentines Day."
Flabbergasted, Mr. L said, "What?"  And again she said, "Have a happy Valentine's Day," and walked away.

Whoa!  How lovely was that?

Instead of paying it forward with chocolate, we're going to pay it forward with a donation to the local food bank and hope if the recipients don't have a happy Valentine's Day, they'll at least have a happy St. Paddy's day.

How do you pay it forward?