Thursday, October 8, 2020

Ready for something different...

Today is National Pieorgi Day and Mr. L will be having them for lunch. Buffalo has a big "Polish" population. Mr. L's mother was a first generation American of Polish descent and made all kinds of great Polish dishes.

I'm on the fence about pierogi. I like potatoes, but I'm not a big cheese fan. We've tried as many versions of Mrs. T's pierogi as we could find and I absolutely LOVED the jalapeƱo kind, but then we couldn't get them again. Mr. L will eat them just boiled, but I like them fried with onions.

I'm sure my character, Jeff Resnick (from the Jeff Resnick Mysteries) has eaten his share of pieorgi, but he's never mentioned it to me.

Are you a pieorgi fan and if so, what's your favorite kind?

P.S. Don't these pieorgis look fabulous?

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