Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'd like a bagel right now!

Implant The long saga of my dental implants is just about over . . .

Today I was supposed to get my crowns -- but I got a call last Monday from my dentist's receptionist saying: "They're ready now and we've had a cancellation.  Wanna come in?"
You bet!

Of course, what should have taken ninety minutes blossomed into a four-hour ordeal . . . but we won't go there.  Suffice to say I CAN CHEW!!!

Tiny bagel I had planned to celebrate by buying a bagel.  Um . . . haven't gotten around to that yet.
It still feels weird to have two teeth where for nearly 11 months there were none.  It's a bit hard to floss between them, but so far so good.

Queenmary2 Was it worth the two surgeries, the dozens of appointments, and the thousands of  dollars?  (Let's just say Mr. L and I could have gone to England on the Queen Mary II for what this cost.)


Would I do it again?

Probably.  (And not drag my feet for three months making the decision.)

And how goes the chewing?
Just fine!