Monday, June 6, 2011

Tear-Out Time

For years I have saved nearly all the decorating magazines I've received.  I'm literally drowning in them.  It's time to lighten the load.

I thought it would be hard to part with them, but as it turns out--it's not.  I'm going through the stacks and tearing out the pages that interest me, and tossing the rest.

Victroria Of course there are still some magazines that I simply won't toss out.  One of them is Victoria Magazine.  I have most of the issues from it's first incarnation and all of them from its second (and duplicates on most of those, too, which I keep at the family cottage). 

Also, I won't get rid of Teatime magazine.  The photography is just gorgeous, and they highlight lots of different china patterns with their recipes.  Nope, no negotiation on these two.

But now I have to start sorting all those pages I'm tearing out.

What magazines do you subscribe to that you won't toss out?

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